What’s Up Simplicity Patterns?

I got a nice email today linking to Simplicity’s newest patterns. Clicking through, I found one, that’s right ONE plus size pattern, and its maximum size is 28. I’m about a 32/34, which in the ready-to-wear world is around a size 3x/4x.

Now, I’ve become quite proficient at altering patterns to fit me, but the closer the pattern is to my size, the easier it is.

Even though it’s not always easy to find ready-to-wear clothes in my size, they are available, which is to say, it’s not absolutely freakish to be this size. Clothing in my size is mass-manufactured overseas, imported to this land and is being sold to people all over the country as we speak.

Oh, excuse me, there’s a swimsuit pattern, too.

There used to be many more patterns in my size in the 80s and 90s.  I’m collecting photos of them so I can prove it!  Even Vogue designer patterns.  I will report further.


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