Making Things to Sell

Craft Industry Alliance had an interesting article about the legalities around selling things you’ve made from patterns you’ve purchased. I’m sure you’ve seen the warning not to sell things you’ve made from a pattern, especially those from independent pattern companies. There are always “ifs, ands, or buts” with the law, but it appears that no one can really stop you from selling items that are considered “utilitarian”, which clothing most definitely is. Let the sewer/seller/buyer be aware.



This Applies to Fashion Sewists, Too

Humor, from The Sewing Lawyer.

What Is This, You say?

This mess of a package is about to become Colette Pattern’s Aster blouse. I must have been under a rock or something, but Colette patterns now come in up to a size 26! When did this happen?! I’m so excited because it used to be almost painful to look at their website, knowing how much work it would take to grade up a size 18 pattern to my size.

As it is, I had to add a little bit to this pattern, but not so much I was made unsure of the outcome. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to do anything to the bust darts, either.  

The fabric is from, a wonderful place to buy linen fabrics. Do not go there unless you want to increase your stash by orders of magnitude. Fair warning!


I dream about having bolts and bolts of every kind of black stretch fabric there is.

Sew Gadgety: Reversible Tape Measure

This is the kind of tape measure I grew up with in the ’70s. I’m not sure how it got misplaced, but I was ready to take to to look for one. I think the onset of the metric system caused manufacturers to create tape measures that were inches on one side and centimeters on the other. Invariably, I’d pick up the wrong end of the tape. I was delighted to find one of these at Joann Fabrics in a hot pink color a few weeks ago. Every time I reach for it I feel the relief of knowing either end will work.